Can I track downloads of an episode of a podcast I was a guest on?

You can use a Baked-In SmartPromo to measure how many listeners downloaded your show after listening to an episode of a different podcast that you guested on. 

Both shows involved will need to have the Trackable analytics prefix set up before the episode is published. As long as both shows have the Trackable RSS feed integration set up, and your Chartable team is on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you'll be able to create a baked-in SmartPromo.

After the episode drops, the other team will approve the SmartPromo from the Ad Ops page in their Chartable dashboard, and match the correct episode to the SmartPromo. You'll both be able to see how many downloads the episode got (impressions), and if any of those devices end up downloading an episode of your show later (conversions).

If the other show doesn't have a Chartable dashboard set up yet, here's a guide to getting started.

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