I created a SmartPromo request, what's next?

Once an external SmartPromo is created by a team promoting their show, the team that is airing the promo on their network will have to approve the request. 

SmartPromo requests can be found on the AdOps > Requests page of the Chartable dashboard. More instruction on approving SmartPromo requests can be found here.

If the SmartPromo request can't be found in order to approve, the team that created the request should confirm the was assigned to the correct Chartable team. This information can be found on the SmartPromos > Manage > Requests page, in the Publisher field. 

If the Publisher field reveals that the promotion was assigned to the wrong team, or if the Publisher field is blank, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Let the support team know the name of the promo, the show being promoted, and the publisher it should be assigned to. 

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