Getting Started with SmartPromos

Getting started with SmartPromos, our podcast-to-podcast attribution product, is super easy. 
With the Pro plan (pricing linked here), your team dashboard can create 3 SmartPromos per month to track spots promoting your shows. Each SmartPromo can track attribution for a baked-in placement, or a dynamic run of placements, promoting your show. For unlimited SmartPromos, you can reach out to [email protected] to learn more about our Enterprise plan.
It is completely free, regardless of your Chartable dashboard's plan, to approve SmartPromos for sold promos running on your shows. More info on approving SmartPromos is linked here.

Getting Started with Creating SmartPromos

  1. If you haven't already, create a Chartable team dashboard and set up the Trackable analytics prefix in your shows' RSS feeds by following the steps here.
  2. Upgrade to Pro or Enterprise using the steps linked here. The team owner of your dashboard can check your plan at any time on the Team Settings > Billing page. 
  3. Then, you can start creating SmartPromos to track spots promoting your podcasts. Step-by-step instructions on creating SmartPromos can be found here.
  4. During and after your campaign, review your SmartPromo performance.
    1. Check the status of a SmartPromo or external SmartPromo request on the SmartPromos > Manage tab. More about SmartPromo statuses can be found here.  
    2. Refer to our SmartPromos Analytics Overview for definitions of metrics & more. 

If you run into any issues, our support team at [email protected] is always happy to help!

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