SmartPromos Analytics Overview

SmartPromos are Chartable's tool for podcast-to-podcast marketing attribution. Read on for a breakdown of the analytics available to monitor SmartPromo performance. All metrics can be filtered by date.
You can view analytics for active SmartPromos promoting your show by clicking on it on the SmartPromos > Analytics page in your dashboard. You can check the status of a SmartPromo or external SmartPromo request on the SmartPromos > Manage tab. More about SmartPromo statuses can be found here.  Creating SmartPromos is available for Pro and Enterprise dashboards (pricing here). 
If you want to view analytics for a SmartPromo running on your network for another show, click on it on the Ad Ops > Manage page in your dashboard.  

Top of Funnel Metrics

For baked-in promos, the Impressions metric is the number of downloads the episode containing the ad received. For dynamic promos, the metric is the number of times the ad was delivered to a device.

Reach is the number of unique devices that downloaded the episode containing the promo, or was delivered the promo via DAI. 

The Incremental metric in parentheses displays the share of total Reach that received a promotion from this campaign, but hasn't received promotions for other campaigns. In other words, is the incremental reach above the other campaigns Chartable has measured promoting this podcast. In the example above, 33,858 of the 34,428 unique devices reached had previously not been reached by other SmartPromos. 

Frequency is the average number of ad exposures per unique device. It is calculated by dividing Impressions by Reach.

Conversion Metrics

The Converted Devices metric is the total amount of unique devices exposed to the promo that downloaded at least one episode of the promoted show within the given attribution window. This information is also available graphically.

The New Converted Devices metric displays the share of listeners in the Converted Devices metric that had not downloaded an episode of the promoted show in the previous 60 days. This information is also available graphically.

The downloads metric in parentheses is the total number of episodes downloaded by these devices. 

In the example above, as displayed under Converted Devices, 93 devices downloaded 114 episodes total. By dividing Converted Devices by the number of Impressions we can calculate a Device Conversion Rate of .669%.

As displayed under  New Converted Devices, 77 of the devices and 90 of the downloads outlined in Converted Devices had not downloaded an episode of the show in the previous 60 days. By dividing New Converted Devices by the number of Impressions we can calculate a new conversion rate of .550%.

Supplementary Analytics

By inputting a number in the "Total Cost" field for a SmartPromo, a few additional metrics will be calculated. You can navigate to this field by clicking "Edit" on a SmartPromo's analytics page. These metrics include Cost Per Conversion and Cost Per New Conversion

On the SmartPromos > Audience page of your dashboard, you are also able to view Geography and Podcast Player information for impressions or downloads of SmartPromos promoting your dashboard's podcasts. This information can be filtered by date or SmartPromo. 

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