How do I integrate Trackable?

The Trackable analytics prefix populates download and attribution for podcasts in Chartable. Each Chartable dashboard has its own unique Trackable prefix. A podcast can only have one Chartable team dashboard's Trackable prefix integrated in its RSS feed at any time.

Follow the instructions below to integrate Trackable:  

  1. If you haven't already, add the podcast to your team's Chartable dashboard on the Team Settings > Podcasts page. 
  2. Ensure your hosting platform is supported - Which podcast hosting platforms support Trackable?
  3. Follow the steps for your hosting provider on the Integrations > Trackable page in your dashboard, or the steps for implementing a custom prefix in your hosting provider's help center.
  4. Click "Refresh Trackable Status" on the Integrations > Trackable page. This prompts Chartable's systems to look for the prefix in your RSS feed. After 24-48 hours, data should start to populate. 

Troubleshooting steps for Trackable are linked here -- I don't see download data for my podcast. What happened?

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