What is the Trackable analytics prefix?

The Trackable analytics prefix is a key part of your Chartable dashboard setup -- it allows you to receive downloads data, demographics, attribution, and more.

With the Trackable prefix integrated into your podcast's episode audio files in the RSS feed, any time a listener downloads an episode through any podcast player, Chartable logs some basic data (the device's IP address and device information). Then, the listener is instantly redirected to your episode's audio file. Your listeners will not notice a delay, and personal information (names, email addresses, etc) is not collected.

Chartable tracks billions of downloads per month for many major podcast publishers and networks, and our infrastructure is robust, reliable, and redundant. Third-party RSS feed prefixes are extremely popular among podcasts! According to Livewire Labs, at least one prefix was found on 17.06% of new podcast episodes published in February 2023, with Chartable's Trackable prefix on 5.51% of new episodes.
You can add your team's unique Trackable analytics prefix to your RSS feeds through your hosting provider. Instructions for your host can be found by navigating to the Integrations > Trackable page in your Chartable dashboard.  

Once you have added Trackable to the RSS feed, click "Refresh Trackable Status" on the Trackable page of your dashboard and wait 24-48 hours for data to flow in. If you're having trouble, you can follow the troubleshooting steps linked here

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