How do I use the Ad Ops page?

The Ad Ops page organizes all of your sold SmartAds and SmartPromos into one page in your dashboard so you can approve, monitor, and manage all of the ads running on your podcasts. The Ad Ops page replaces the legacy Request & My Campaigns tabs in SmartAds, and the Manage & Sold Promos tabs in SmartPromos. 

Navigate to the Ad Ops page by clicking on Ad Ops on the navigational toolbar in your Chartable dashboard. 

The "Requests" tab contains all your pending requests for external SmartPromos and SmartAds that will run on your podcasts. You can approve or reject them from this page. For dynamic ads, this is where you will select your DAI platform to create the tracking pixel. For baked-in SmartPromos, this is where you'll select the episode that the promo aired on. 
Once you approve ads, they'll appear in the "Manage" tab. The "Manage" tab displays all external SmartPromos, internal SmartPromos, and SmartAds campaigns running on your podcasts. For dynamic ads, click on the ad in the "Manage" tab to view the tracking pixel code. 
Both the "Requests" and "Manage" tabs have filters to search for ads. 
If you have any feedback about the Ad Ops page, let us know at [email protected] :-)

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