Getting Started for Publishers

1. Sign up for a Chartable account

Head to and click or tap on the Sign Up Now button. If you're brand new to Chartable, enter your email address and a password.

Next, choose " I'm a publisher".

You'll see an overview of next steps:

Enter your name, company name, and job title:

2. Add a podcast to your Chartable team

Type in the name of the first podcast you'd like to add to your account. (You can add more later.)

If you have any team members you'd like to invite to your Chartable team, you can add their email address now.

3. Add your team's Trackable analytics prefix to your show's RSS feed

You should land on the Integrations > Trackable page automatically.

If you don't, click on Integrations in the Settings section over on the left, then click on the Trackable section.

This is where you'll get your Chartable team's unique analytics prefix. You'll find detailed instructions on how to add the prefix to your show's RSS feed via your podcast hosting platform under the How to connect Trackable section:

Once the prefix has been added to your show's RSS feed, scroll back up to the top of the Trackable page and click or tap the Refresh Trackable status button:

That's it! If you need to add more shows or team members to your Chartable team, you can do so from the Team Settings page.

Next, we recommend creating a SmartLink for your show. Click here to learn more.

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