Getting Started for Publishers

Follow the steps below to create a new Chartable team dashboard. If your organization already has a Chartable dashboard, ask your team to add your email on the Team Settings > Users page. 

1. Sign up for a Chartable login account & create your team dashboard

If you're a Megaphone customer & need to create a Chartable team dashboard, Organization Admins can create one within Megaphone! Hover on your initials in the bottom right corner in Megaphone, and click on the Organizational Settings button. Then, navigate to the Integrations tab and follow the creation flow. That'll take you all the way to Step 5 on this page!

If you don't host on Megaphone, head to and click or tap on the Sign Up Now button. If you're brand new to Chartable, enter your email address and a password to create a login account.

Click "Let's go" on the next page. 

Enter your name, company name, and job title to finish creating your individual login account. The "Company / Podcast Name" will be the name of your new Chartable dashboard. 

2. Add a podcast to your Chartable team

Type in the name of the first podcast you'd like to add to your dashboard. You can add additional podcasts on the Team Settings > Podcasts page at any time. 

If you have any team members you'd like to invite to your Chartable team, you can add their email address now. You can edit team members on the Team Settings > Users page at any time.

3. Integrate the Trackable analytics prefix in your podcast RSS feeds

Navigate to the Integrations > Trackable page.

If your hosting provider doesn't support Trackable natively, consider using SmartFeeds to implement Trackable. 

Once the prefix has been added to your show's RSS feed, click or tap the Refresh Trackable status button on the Trackable page of your dashboard.

Download information will start to flow into your dashboard within a few hours. 

4. Upgrade your access

If you're a Megaphone customer, you can follow the instructions linked here to connect your Megaphone organization to your Chartable dashboard & gain free upgraded access.

Any team can upgrade their dashboard to a paid Pro plan for more features on the Team Settings > Billing page. If you're interested in purchasing an Enterprise plan, email [email protected] for more information.

5. Customize your team dashboard

You can change your team dashboard's name on the Team Settings > Settings page.

If you need to add more podcasts to your team, you can do so on the Team Settings > Podcasts page. Make sure to add Trackable & refresh the status on the Integrations > Trackable page of your dashboard in order for download data to start flowing through.

If you need to add more members to your Chartable team, you can do so from the Team Settings > Users page. If your dashboard is on an Enterprise plan, you will be able to use user roles and podcast-specific user permissions

6. Explore Chartable

Not sure what to do next? For a Chartable Cheat Sheet of our capabilities, click here to download. We always recommend starting with SmartLinks.

If you would like to create a SmartPromo for podcast to podcast attribution, click here for more info. If you need to approve a SmartPromo request, click here for more info.

If you have any questions, our Help Center has tutorials & FAQs. For anything else, our support team is here to help!

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