How do I use my Megaphone account with Chartable?

Chartable was acquired by Spotify in February 2022. As part of the acquisition, Chartable will be shifting its focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform! 

Currently, there are two ways you can use your Megaphone account with Chartable. 

Free Access to Chartable & Podsights for Megaphone Partners

In August, Megaphone announced that they're launching a bundle that gives Megaphone clients free access to both Chartable and Podsights. This bundle is not yet available. Read more on Megaphone's blog here. Read more about Megaphone pricing here

Log into Chartable with your Megaphone Credentials

You can also utilize your Megaphone credentials to log into your existing Chartable account. 

A few notes here: 

  • Both your Chartable account & your Megaphone account must utilize the same email address. 
  • If you log into Chartable this way, you'll be able to access the dashboards that your Chartable account has already been added to, and can typically access. 
  • This login method does not connect your Chartable & Megaphone dashboards, or any of their data.

Click "Log in with Megaphone" when logging into to get started. 

Stay tuned for more exciting ways to use your Megaphone account with Chartable! 

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