Using Chartable with Megaphone

Chartable was acquired by Spotify in February 2022. As part of the acquisition, Chartable will be shifting its focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform. If you're hosted on Megaphone, read on to learn how to use Megaphone and Chartable together. 

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Free Access to Chartable for Megaphone Partners

If you host on Megaphone, you might have free Pro or Enterprise Chartable access via the bundle

You can follow the instructions below to connect your Megaphone organization to your Chartable dashboard and gain free upgraded access. If you need to create a Chartable team dashboard, follow the instructions here

Connect your Megaphone Organization to your Chartable Dashboard

A few notes before we begin:

  • This integration can only be completed & managed by someone who is an Organization Admin of your Megaphone organization & an Admin or Owner of your Chartable dashboard.
  • Only one Megaphone organization can be connected to your Chartable dashboard at a time.
  • If you're on a Pro Megaphone plan, you'll have free Pro access on Chartable. If you're on an Enterprise Megaphone plan, you'll have free Enterprise access. 
  • We will never downgrade your plan with this integration. If you pay for Chartable Enterprise & have a Pro Megaphone plan, for example, nothing will occur when you connect your teams. 

1. To get started, navigate to the Integrations > Megaphone page of your Chartable dashboard.

2. Click on the purple “Connect to Megaphone” button. If already logged into Chartable with your Megaphone user credentials, you won't see this step. 

3. Ensure you are logged in with the correct Megaphone user account and click “Agree.” 

4. From the dropdown, select the Megaphone organization that you would like to connect to your dashboard.

5. If you're eligible for the bundle, you'll receive a confirmation message. If you don't see the message, your dashboard won't receive free upgraded access after the teams are connected. Please contact your Megaphone account manager or sales rep to renew your contract. 

6. Click "Link Teams"

7. That’s it! Your dashboard will now have free upgraded access.

You can disconnect the Megaphone organization from your Chartable dashboard at any time by clicking “Disconnect” on the Integrations > Megaphone page. Disconnecting your Megaphone organization will downgrade your Chartable plan. Any Chartable user with the Owner role will be able to disconnect the integration. 

Log into Chartable with your Megaphone Credentials

You can also utilize your Megaphone credentials to log into your individual Chartable user account. A few notes:

  • This login method does not connect your Chartable dashboard to your Megaphone organization, or any of their data.
  • To log into an existing Chartable account, your Chartable account & your Megaphone account must utilize the same email address. If you don't have a Chartable account, this process will create a Chartable account with your Megaphone email address. 
  • If you log into Chartable with Megaphone, you'll be able to access any dashboards that your Chartable login account can typically access. 

To get started, we recommend navigating to from an incognito window. Click "Log In" in the top right corner, and then the purple "Log in with Megaphone" button. 

Stay tuned for more exciting ways to use Megaphone with Chartable! 

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