How can I use SmartLinks to grow my audience?

SmartLinks can help you learn which digital marketing campaigns are driving the most downloads to your podcasts. With SmartLinks, you can measure clicks, unique clicks, downloads and downloads for first-time listeners, see which efforts are driving the most downloads, and ultimately optimize your marketing spend. 

With SmartLinks you’re able to take tactics and strategies digital marketers have used for years and apply them to your podcast. We’ve seen publishers use SmartLinks to A/B test different audience segments on Facebook, their call to action on YouTube influencer campaigns, and more, including:

  • Channels like Facebook, Twitter, or email blasts
  • Ad formats such as banners, text ads, or videos
  • Audience segments such as demographic, interests, or behavior
  • The destination URL of the link (learn more here)

Not sure where to start? Try this: 

  1. Create a SmartLink for each show, and any new episodes of each show.
  2. Use the SmartLinks on your website, in social media bios, or anywhere you would link to your podcast.
  3. Use the SmartLinks in your current promotions for new episodes or podcast awareness campaigns. It can be paid or organic -- as long as a user can click a link, you can use a SmartLink to track where downloads are coming from.
  4. Compare the performance of each of your current marketing behaviors, and work from there. What campaigns currently drive conversions? What do high-performing SmartLinks have in common? What variables can you tweak? 

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