How do I create a SmartPromo?

SmartPromos is Chartable's podcast-to-podcast promotion attribution solution. Create a SmartPromo to see how many devices download an episode of your show after being exposed to a promotion. Each SmartPromo can track attribution for a baked-in placement, or dynamic run of placements that is promoting your show. Learn more about SmartPromos here.

The ability to create SmartPromos is available for teams on a Pro or Enterprise plan. Your team's Trackable analytics prefix must be installed on the show's RSS feed before you can create a SmartPromo to measure a promotion for that show.

To providing impression and conversion data for external promos (promos that run on shows outside of your network), Chartable requires approval from the Chartable team that is running the promotion on their show. Any Chartable team can approve SmartPromo requests for promos running on a show managed by their team. 

If you're planning to measure a promotion using a SmartPromo, talk to the team you're working with first to ensure that their hosting platform is compatible with SmartPromos.

You can create SmartPromos on the SmartPromos page of your dashboard, with the "Create Promo" button. 

For instructions on creating a SmartPromo for a baked-in campaign, click here. For instructions on creating a SmartPromo for a dynamic campaign, click here..

If you're not sure whether to create a baked-in or dynamic SmartPromo, click here to learn more. If the publisher team has asked for a "tracking pixel" or a "pixel code," you'll probably want to select Dynamic.

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