I'm moving hosting platforms. What does this mean for my SmartPromos?

Q: I'm moving to a new podcast hosting platform soon. What do I need to do to make sure my SmartPromos still work?

After you've imported your podcast into your new hosting platform, add your team's Trackable analytics prefix to the new RSS feed provided by your new hosting platform. You can find your team's Trackable analytics prefix and Trackable set up instructions in the Integrations > Trackable page in your Chartable dashboard.

Baked-in SmartPromos will continue to work as before.

Dynamic SmartPromos will need to be recreated, since you will need a new tracking pixel for each dynamically inserted promotion in a show you manage. You'll need to set up the new tracking pixels before you begin running promotions through the new DAI system.

After you set up a 301 redirect and update the show's RSS feed URL in Apple Podcasts Connect, visit the show's public Chartable page and click to update the show info on your show's public Chartable.com page.

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