How do I create a dynamic SmartPromo?

Creating a Dynamic SmartPromo

SmartPromos is Chartable's podcast-to-podcast promotion attribution solution. Dynamic SmartPromos measure the conversion rate of dynamically inserted campaigns or the number of devices that download an episode of your show after being delivered an ad promoting your podcast. Each dynamic SmartPromo can track attribution for either a single podcast buy or a run of network. If you're looking to create a SmartPromo for a baked-in promo, click here.

The ability to create SmartPromos is available for teams on a Pro or Enterprise plan. Your team's Trackable analytics prefix must be installed on the show's RSS feed before you can create a SmartPromo to measure a promotion for that show.

To provide impression and conversion data for external promos, we require approval from the Chartable team that is running the promotion on their show. Any Chartable team, regardless of subscription tier, can approve SmartPromo requests for promos running on a show managed by their team. 

If you're planning to measure a promotion using a SmartPromo, talk to the team you're working with first to ensure that their hosting platform is compatible with SmartPromos.

To get started, visit the SmartPromos page in your Chartable dashboard, then click on the green Create Promo button in the top right.

1. Enter the name of the podcast you're promoting

2. Select Dynamic

Click or tap on the Dynamic option.

3. Enter the name of the podcast that the promotion is running on (optional)

If your promotion is running on a specific podcast, you can search for it here. You can skip this step if you need a Run of Network (RON) tracking pixel, or if you want to generate a tracking pixel that you can use internally or email to a partner.

4a. For internal dynamic promotions: Select the DAI platform being used

Select the DAI (dynamic audio insertion) provider being used for the promotion, so that Chartable can create the correct format of tracking pixel for you. (Options for DAI providers include Megaphone, Omny/Triton, Adswizz, Voxnest/Spreaker, and more).

4b. For external dynamic promotions: Select/type the name of the publisher team you're working with

Select or type the name of the selling publisher's Chartable team, so that they can approve the request to share attribution for the promotion. Only teams you've worked with before will populate in the dropdown. If you don't see the team in the dropdown, you can select "I can't find the publisher in this list" and type it.

Upon approval, the publisher team you're working with will be able to select a DAI platform and create a tracking pixel that you'll both have access to from your Chartable dashboards.

5. Click or tap Create Promo

That's it, the SmartPromo is created. 

You can see SmartPromos you've already created under SmartPromos > Manage. The Promos subtab displays internal SmartPromos & external approved SmartPromos. The Requests subtab displays external SmartPromos that haven't been approved. 

If it's an external SmartPromo, we'll use the information you provided to assign the request to the appropriate publisher team for approval. Teams can approve SmartPromo requests from their Ad Ops page (more info here).

If the external SmartPromo has been assigned to the wrong publisher team (you can check in the "Publisher" column of the Requests subtab), please email [email protected] and let us know the name of the SmartPromo and which publisher team it should be re-assigned to. ‚Äč

Once the external publisher has approved the SmartPromo, you'll begin seeing analytics data for it in your SmartPromos > Analytics page after we begin receiving impression data back from the tracking pixel (dynamically inserted promotions).

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