I just added my Trackable prefix to my show's RSS feed. How long until Chartable recognizes it?

After your team has added the show to your dashboard on the Team Settings > Podcasts page, and added your team's Trackable prefix to the show's RSS feed, the final step is to click the “Refresh Trackable status” button in the Integrations > Trackable page. More information about your Trackable status can be found here

You can also refresh the Trackable status for each individual podcast from the Team Settings > Podcasts page by clicking on the refresh icon in the Trackable Status column. This prompts our system to look in the RSS feed for your team's prefix. 

After Trackable is active for your podcast, analytics should begin showing up within 24-48 hours. You'll be able to create SmartLinks and SmartPromos (if available for your dashboard) for the show right away.

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