Which podcast hosting platforms support Trackable?

Integrating the Trackable analytics prefix into your podcast's RSS feed provides detailed downloads data, demographics, attribution, and more. Visit the Integrations > Trackable page on your Chartable dashboard for full implementation instructions, dependent on your podcast's hosting provider. If you aren't sure if you can integrate Trackable through your hosting provider, please reach out to their support team.

Another option is to utilize SmartFeeds to build Trackable into your feed automatically, regardless of hosting platform, while having the benefit of a portable and durable RSS feed. Note that this feature is in limited release, but will soon be available to everyone. 

Hosting platforms that support the Trackable integration

✅ ART19

✅ Audioboom

✅ Ausha

✅ Blubrry

✅ Buzzsprout

✅ Captivate

✅ Castos

✅ CoHost

✅ Feedpress

✅ Fireside.fm

✅ Futuri

✅ iono.fm

✅ Libsyn

✅ Megaphone

✅ Omny

✅ Pinecast

✅ Podbean

✅ Powerpress

✅ PRX/Dovetail

✅ RedCircle

✅ Simplecast

✅ Soundcloud

✅ Sounder.fm

✅ SoundOn

✅ Spreaker

✅ Squarespace

✅ Transistor

✅ Whooshkaa

Hosting platforms that DO NOT support the Trackable integration

❌ Acast

❌ AdKnit

❌ Spotify for Podcasters (formally Anchor)

Hosting platforms that we aren't sure about

❓ Podomatic

❓ Podtrac

❓ RSS.com

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