Why hasn't my SmartPromo status changed to "Active" yet?

An "Active" status for a campaign means the SmartPromo is actively collecting data. If your SmartPromo does not have an "Active" status, read on for troubleshooting steps for Dynamic and Baked-In SmartPromos.

Dynamic SmartPromos

Once the ad with the tracking pixel for a Dynamic SmartPromo is delivered to devices and is returning information to Chartable, the status for the SmartPromo will change from "Ready" to "Active." If the status remains on "Ready" 24+ hours after the expected flight date, everything is functioning correctly on Chartable's end, but we have not received any data from from the pixel yet. There are a couple of reasons this might be:

1. The tracking pixel is not being delivered with the promotion. This is the most common reason. Double-check and confirm that the correct tracking pixel is being delivered with the DAI campaign. You may want to ask the team who set up the campaign in the show's DAI platform to share a screenshot showing that the pixel has been added to the campaign.

2. A tracking pixel is being delivered with the DAI campaign, but it's not the tracking pixel for the SmartPromo you're looking at. This happens less often, but it does happen. Every SmartPromo has a unique tracking pixel, so review and confirm the pixel that is being delivered and make sure it is the pixel from the SmartPromo you're looking at.

3. There was a copy/paste error when the pixel was added to the campaign via the DAI platform or some other kind of issue with the pixel that is preventing us from receiving usable data. This is much less common but happens occasionally. Confirm that the pixel is the right type for the DAI platform being used and that there are no typos or extra spaces in the pixel that is being delivered.

Baked-In SmartPromos

Once Chartable receives download information via the Trackable analytics prefix for the episode with the promotion, the status for the SmartPromo will change from "Ready" to "Active." If the status remains on "Ready" for 24+ hours after the expected air date, either Chartable hasn't received any download data from the episode containing the promo, or the episode containing the ad has not been selected for attribution. 

To ensure that Trackable is collecting download data for the podcast containing the ad, the team that owns the podcast will have to navigate to Team Settings > Podcasts and look for a checkmark next to the podcast name. More here -- https://help.chartable.com/article/37-i-stopped-getting-download-statistics-for-my-podcast-what-happened

To select an episode for attribution for an internal baked-in SmartPromo campaign, navigate to the SmartPromos > Manage > Promos page after the air date. 

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