Why am I seeing "unknown" podcast in my SmartPromo analytics page?

Q: One of my dynamic SmartPromos is showing "Unknown" in the breakdown of shows where impressions and conversions are displayed. Why is that?

We make a best effort to match dynamic ad impressions and conversions to specific podcasts. If the pixel type being used doesn't send enough identifying information to Chartable, or we aren't able to match the podcast properly, conversions will be attributed to an "Unknown" podcast.

This issue is particularly prevalent when a tracking pixel only returns an identifier to the episode, and not the podcast. This is currently a known issue for Triton pixels.

If your campaign is using a tracking pixel that is not from Triton and is showing most impressions as "Unknown," please share the link to the SmartPromo in your dashboard with our support team at [email protected] so we can investigate.

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