What is the difference between a tracking pixel and the Trackable analytics prefix?

Tracking Pixels for SmartPromos

A SmartPromo tracking pixel is a bit of code that is delivered via a DAI (dynamic audio insertion) provider like Art19, Megaphone, or Spreaker. Each SmartPromo will have a unique pixel. 

The tracking pixel sends Chartable impression data for dynamic SmartPromo campaigns, so that we can provide attribution and conversion data. 

SmartPromo tracking pixels look like this:

Trackable Analytics Prefix

The Trackable analytics prefix is a short URL that is added to a podcast's RSS feed. It allows us to measure all downloads that come through the show's RSS feed. Trackable is how we populate downloads data, demographics, attribution, and more on your dashboard. This is also how we provide attribution for SmartPromos. For dynamic SmartPromos, it provides the download information for the promoted podcast. For baked-in SmartPromos, it provides the impression data for the promotion, as well as the download information for the promoted podcast.

Every Chartable team dashboard has a unique Trackable prefix which can be found in the Settings > Integrations > Trackable page in the Chartable dashboard. This prefix should be used for all shows "owned" by that dashboard. 

The Trackable prefix looks like this:

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