Trackable Analytics Overview

With the Trackable prefix integrated into your podcast's RSS feed, anytime a listener downloads an episode through any podcast player, Chartable logs some basic data (the device's IP address and device information), and then instantly redirects the listener to your episode's audio file. 

With this integration, we are able to provide analytics and attribution about your podcast, and the devices downloading them. Different dashboard plans (pricing linked here) offer different features, including those populated by Trackable.

Available for All Dashboards

IAB-certified download information for podcasts and episodes (including downloads over time, and unique devices reached)


Podcast Player Information

Attribution products are also powered by the Trackable prefix. Check out the SmartLinks Analytics Overview.

Available for Indie Dashboards

The Indie plan includes all information above, plus the feature listed below.

CSV Exports

Available for Pro & Enterprise Dashboards

Pro & Enterprise plans include all information above, plus the features listed below. 

Retention Analytics (monthly & episodic)

Household Demographics

Attribution products are also powered by the Trackable prefix. Check out the SmartPromos Analytics Overview.

For a full list of the features available on the different Chartable plans, check out our pricing page.

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