Trackable Analytics Prefix FAQ

Q: What data does the Trackable prefix gather about listeners? 

A: Whenever a listener downloads an episode of your podcast, the prefix collects IP addresses, basic device information, and podcast player data. Apple and Spotify are also able to give us a few pieces of data, if a listener is using one of those platforms. Chartable does not collect personal information about your podcast listeners (names, email addresses, etc).

Q: What hosting providers support Trackable?

A: Please check out this article for more information.

Q: What is the difference between the Trackable analytics prefix and a tracking pixel? 

A: Trackable is used for analytics on your Chartable dashboard, as well as baked-in SmartPromos. The prefix is added the show's RSS feed, and logs basic data when a listener downloads an episode. In contrast, a tracking pixel (otherwise known as a tag) is used for dynamically placed SmartPromos. In dynamically placed SmartPromos, a tracking pixel is a bit of code that is attached to the ad by the publishers's adops team in their DAI platform for podcast to podcast promotion attribution.

Q: Will adding the Trackable prefix to my show cause podcast apps to redownload episodes for listeners? 

A: No, episodes of a podcast will only redownload if the episode's GUID (global unique identifier) has changed. The Trackable prefix does not change the GUID.

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