What information will I receive from the Spotify and Apple Podcasts integrations?

We recommend linking your Apple Podcasts and Spotify accounts with Chartable for the best experience. This article lists the metrics these integrations provide. Please note that charts and reviews from Apple Podcasts and Spotify will populate on your Chartable dashboard without these integrations. 

The Apple Podcasts and Spotify integrations are only available for paid users. Learn more about publisher pricing information here

Confirmed Plays

A confirmed play is when a user listens to at least 60 seconds of an episode in the Apple Podcasts or Spotify app. On the Overview page, confirmed plays for the podcast as a whole is shown graphically over time. On the Episodes page, confirmed plays for each episode are listed. 

Episode Consumption

You'll be able to see episode consumption (listen through) rates for your listeners who are using the Apple Podcasts or Spotify apps. 

On the Overview page, consumption is shown graphically as the percentage of users who are are still listening your podcast throughout the episode. The percentage of listeners is on the Y axis, while percentage of episode completed is on the X axis. This graph displays average behavior across all episodes that Chartable has data for. Example below.

On the Episodes page, consumption is shown as a percentage of the episode that at least 50% of Spotify and Apple Podcast listeners completed. So, if more than 50% of listeners played your whole podcast, the consumption percentage will be 100%. Example below. 

Spotify Demographics

Spotify provides user-specific demographics including gender and age, which can be found on the Audiences page. More information can be found here. Without the Spotify integration, Trackable is able to provide household demographics detailed in the article linked here.

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