Household Demographics

Chartable has partnered with Epsilon to provide insights into US based household level demographics for users of the Trackable analytics prefix.  We use statistical sampling methods applied across Epsilon's dataset, matched against the Trackable dataset, to calculate demographics in four categories - income, education, gender and age. These categories are calculated at the household level, not at the individual level.

Demographics data can be found by navigating to the Audiences page using the navigation bar on the left. Demographics are available for Pro and Enterprise users.

By default, your demographic data is calculated by a trailing 30 day reporting window, so the demographic data presented reflects downloads in the last 30 days. To change your reporting window, navigate to Team Settings > Settings and use the dropdown under the "Default statistics reporting window" heading.

Demographic data updates weekly, so if you can't see it yet, that means we haven't refreshed yet. It will populate soon! 

Understanding your data

Each category is broken down into demographic buckets. For Income and Education, the bar charts show what percentage of your audience falls into each bucket.

The benchmark audience is Chartable's data set from all podcast downloads collected in the previous 30 days, and can give you an idea of how you perform in each demographic compared to other podcasts measured by Chartable.

For Age and Gender, we provide information about how your podcasts' audience compares to the benchmark audience.

Integrating your Spotify account can provide individual level Age and Gender demographics collected by Spotify.

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