How do I pull a SmartPromos Timeseries report?

The Timeseries report is the most frequently used report offered by Chartable. For publishers, this report provides a breakdown of Impressions and Conversions by campaign and by day or week. Follow the steps below to grab your data!

Navigate to the Reports dashboard and click "Create"

Pull up the Reports dashboard by clicking on "Reports" in the navigation toolbar under the "Settings" heading.

The default screen is the "Recently Run" page, which is a list of reports your team has generated. Click "Create" to start a new report.

Indicate your report preferences and click "Generate Report"

Under "Select a Product," select "SmartPromos." Under "Report Type" select "Timeseries." 

Under "Podcast," select from the dropdown the name of your show that has been promoted with SmartPromos. 

Under "Date Range," input your desired time period. 

If you would like to see data broken out by-campaign and by date, select "Day" as your aggregation window. If you would like to see results broken out by-campaign and by week, select "Week." Weeks run Monday - Sunday in this report.

If you do not wish to receive an email ping about this report when it completes, uncheck the box.

Click "Generate Report" when you are ready. The report will begin processing at the top of your reports list.

Once the report has been processed, the CSV file will be available for download.

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