What CSV reports can I export from my Chartable dashboard?

In the case that you want to archive or manipulate your podcast data, Chartable offers CSV file reports for paid users. CSV (comma-separated values) files can be opened in Excel, Numbers, or any other program for tabular data.

Any report that you create will be stored in the "Recently Run" tab of the Reports page, which can be accessed by clicking on "Reports" in the navigation toolbar. 

Available Reports for Publishers

The following reports are currently available for export from your Chartable dashboard: 

Podcast Overview Report 
Lists the number of downloads for all of your podcasts, both overall and in the last 30 days. "Export" button on the Overview page
Episodes Overview Report Breakdown of downloads, consumption, and confirmed plays for all episodes.
"Export" button on the Episodes page
SmartPromo Timeseries Report  Breakdown of Impressions and Conversions by campaign and by day or week. 
"Create" tab on Reports page  
SmartPromo Snapshot Report Snapshot of Impressions and Conversions for active promos in your SmartPromos Dashboard.
"Create" tab on Reports page   
SmartLinks Overview Report Breakdown of clicks and download information for all of your SmartLinks. "Export CSV" button on the SmartLinks page
Audience Overlap Report
Compares unique devices from the last 60 days between two series or episodes. This is available for an additional cost. "Export CSV" button on the Compare page    

Available Reports for Advertisers

The following reports are currently available for export from your Chartable dashboard: 

SmartAds Timeseries Report
Breakdown of podcast advertising data by campaign and by day or week. "Create" tab on the Reports page, or "Export" button on the Campaigns page
SmartAds Web Pixel Report
Raw unattributed data from your web pixel organized by individual events.
"Create" tab on the Reports page   
SmartAds Attributed Events Report Weekly digest with data from events that have been attributed to your ad campaigns.
"Create" tab on the Reports page   
Incremental Lift Report Insight into how an ad performs against a control group customized to the advertiser’s campaign. This report is an additional cost. 
"Request Lift Report" button on the Overview page

Unavailable Reports

The following reports are currently unavailable for export from your Chartable dashboard: 

  • Audience demographic or geographic information
  • Podcast download data for a specific date range
  • Podcast player information
  • Frequency response curve
  • Apple, Spotify or Chartable charts. For a free alternative, sign up here to receive a weekly email digest of the Chartable Top 200 charts.

Looking for something specific?

Interested in customized, rich, detailed data? Our Data Concierge service offers access to a database of millions of podcasts and tens of millions of podcast episodes, unlimited chart histories, and reviews from all 155 iTunes storefronts. Let us generate weekly reports of exactly what you need, in exactly the format you need—PDF, CSV, Excel, or anything else.
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