SmartLinks Analytics Overview

SmartLinks can help you learn which digital marketing campaigns are driving the most downloads to your podcasts. Read on for a breakdown of the analytics available to monitor SmartLink performance. All metrics can be filtered by date, filtered by Source ID, and can be aggregated by day, week, or month. 
You can view analytics for a SmartLink by clicking on it on the SmartLinks page in your dashboard. 
All analytics are available for all teams, regardless of their dashboard plan (pricing here). 


The Clicks metric is the total number of clicks your SmartLink received, while the Unique Clicks metric is the number of unique IP address and device information combinations that clicked on the link. 

In the example above, 10,253 clicks were received by 8,479 unique users.

Converted Devices & Downloads

The Converted Devices metric is the total number of unique devices (IP address and device information combination) that clicked on the SmartLink, then downloaded enough of at least one episode to playback at least 60 seconds of audio within the given attribution window.

The New Converted Devices metric displays the amount of Converted Devices that have not downloaded an episode of the show in the previous 60 days. 

The downloads metric in parentheses is the total amount of episodes downloaded by the converted devices. 

In the example above, as displayed under Converted Devices, 137 devices downloaded 165 episodes total. As seen under New Converted Devices, all of those devices had not downloaded an episode of the show in the previous 60 days.

Supplementary Analytics

Additional analytics also available for SmartLinks can be seen below. We are not always able to "see" Channel and Player analytics, but try our best to populate what we can. Using Source IDs can help to populate Channel analytics.

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