How do the SmartLink Conditional Redirect settings work?

On the Conditional Redirects page, you can direct listeners to a specific app depending on what device they're using in the Device section, or direct listeners to a website of your choice in the Default URL section.

If you enter a Default URL, all users who click your SmartLink will be directed to that site unless their device matches one of the device to destination rules. In the example below, users on iOS devices will be sent directly to Apple Podcasts. The rest of the listeners who click your SmartLink will be sent to

Note that for the Device based redirects, Chartable has no control over the device's behavior once the redirect is put into place. Chartable has no way of "knowing" if the device has the Apple or Spotify applications downloaded. 

For example, this is what users might experience on a device being redirected to Apple Podcasts:

  • The SmartLink will open in the browser (necessary to collect IP address and device information for attribution). 
  • Next, the user is redirected to the selected player, so in this case, to Apple Podcasts in the browser. 
  • Additional dialogue after this is device-specific and is not controlled by the SmartLink.
    • If the user has Apple Podcasts application downloaded, the device will ask the user if they want to open the application, for example. 
    • If the device doesn't have Apple Podcasts downloaded, they will see a page prompting them to download it.

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