If a publisher doesn't have a Chartable account, can I still create a SmartPromo for their show?

Yes, but it does depend if the ad type is baked-in or dynamic:

  • Baked-in ads: The publisher running the promotion must have their Trackable prefix integrated in the podcast's RSS feed before the episode containing the ad is published. Publisher can click here to create a free Chartable profile.
  • Dynamic ads: If you know which DAI platform the publisher uses, you can generate a tracking pixel for the campaign and share it with them via email. If you're not sure which DAI platform they use, your contact on the publisher team should be able to tell you.

A few additional things to know:

  • A publisher without a Chartable account would not be able to add the Trackable prefix to their show's RSS feed, as each Chartable account has a unique Trackable prefix.
  • Not all podcast hosting platforms support SmartPromos. See: Which podcast hosting platforms support SmartPromos?

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