Troubleshooting the Spotify Integration

If you're having trouble with Spotify demographics, please read this article. If you haven't set up your Spotify integration yet, please follow these steps. If you're having trouble connecting your Spotify account to Chartable, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure the username and password you're entering on Chartable also work to log in at If they don't work there, they won't work on Chartable. 
  2. Make sure you've added all of your podcasts to Spotify for Podcasters. If it doesn't appear on your dashboard there, it won't appear in Chartable.
  3. If you are logged into Spotify from many devices, try logging out of a few locations.
  4. Wait 12-24 hours. Often, our system just need some time to process the request.
  5. Finally, try creating a brand new account for your Spotify for Podcasters account, rather than using the same one you use for music and the Spotify player.

If you've followed the troubleshooting steps above and Spotify is  still not working with Chartable, there's unfortunately nothing more we can do at this time. 

Please note that because we connect with Spotify through your account, not through a supported API or other connection mechanism, we can't always connect to every account. Sometimes our servers just can't talk to their servers. There's an enormously complex set of account types, authentication mechanisms, and other factors that go into the connection—rest assured, we're working hard to improve our connections!

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