Troubleshooting the Spotify Integration

The Spotify integration offers listening, consumption and demographic statistics through Spotify for Podcasters. Note that viewing charts from Spotify does not require this integration, and all download information from users listening through Spotify is captured through the Trackable analytics prefix

The Spotify Integration is available to our Indie, Pro & Enterprise users. If you'd like to upgrade your account please find instructions here.

Troubleshooting the Spotify Integration

If you haven't set up your Spotify integration yet, please follow these steps

If you're having trouble viewing data from your Spotify account in Chartable, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you've added all of your podcasts to Spotify for Podcasters. If it doesn't appear on your dashboard there, it won't appear in Chartable.
  2. Wait 12-24 hours. Often, our system just needs some time to process the request.
  3. Finally, try creating a brand new account for your Spotify for Podcasters account, rather than using the same one you use for music and the Spotify player.

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