Why did my podcast performance change?

Chartable is in the business of delivering data, and while we don’t have the full context or bandwidth to provide consultation on changes in your podcast’s performance or the performance of your promotional campaign, in this article you'll find variables & factors to keep in mind when analyzing changes in your show’s metrics.

To learn more about how to grow your audience and optimize your promotional campaigns, check out our Ultimate Podcast Growth Playbook, or other great resources on the web such as here and here.

Podcast Downloads

Factors that can affect your podcast's download metrics:

  • Podcast content
  • Podcast title, artwork, and description
  • Podcast audio quality
  • Charisma of the host(s)
  • Guests, or promotions by guests
  • Social media presence and messaging
  • Marketing efforts (word of mouth recommendations, events, traditional channels, etc)
  • Industry trends
  • Current events and political climate
  • Religious or national holidays
  • Apple Podcasts or Spotify featured recommendations

To learn more about the analytics available, click here.

Podcast Ratings & Reviews

All of the factors listed above can alter the quality or amount or ratings & reviews, as well as: 

  • Frequency of requests to the audience for ratings and reviews


Factors that can affect your SmartPromo's conversion metrics:

  • Promotion placement (feed drop, preroll, midroll, or postroll)
  • Type of promotion (host read or dynamically inserted)
  • Context or introduction to promotion
  • Length of promotion
  • Quality of creative
  • Audience targeting (age groups, geographic location, etc)
  • Podcast’s appeal to promo audience
  • Frequency of exposure to promotion

To learn more about the analytics available for SmartPromos, click here.


Factors that can affect your SmartLink's clicks and downloads metrics:

  • Quality of podcast title, artwork, and description
  • Podcast players available on SmartLink landing page
  • Quality of default URL
  • Quality of SmartLink exposure (organic social media following vs cold email blast, etc)
  • Context and framing of the SmartLink (is the link dropped at the end of a post, or is there a call to action to click on the link?)
  • Podcast’s relevance to audience's interests

To learn more about the analytics available for SmartLinks, click here.To learn more about best practices, click here.

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