What is the attribution window for SmartLinks?

The attribution window for SmartLinks is the amount of time Chartable "looks" for downloads of the promoted show for each unique device (IP address and device information combination), starting at the time the device clicked on the SmartLink.

For example, with an attribution window of 7 days, if User A clicks on your SmartLink on June 1, Chartable will look for their download for 7 days, until June 8th. If User A downloads an episode of the show within that time, a converted device/download is added to the count. In comparison, if User B clicks on your SmartLink on June 4th, we will look for their download until June 11th. 

Please note that the user agent must be the same for the download as it was for the click in order to be counted as a conversion. 

The attribution window for SmartLinks is 1 hour by default. If you're on an Indie plan, the attribution window can not be changed.

If you're on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can change your attribution window by clicking the blue "attribution window" button at the top of your SmartLinks page. This can be changed at any time, and does not impact how data is collected, stored, or saved.

Please note that your attribution window in blue is different than the time picker right next to it in white. The time picker filters the click & conversion data on your dashboard by the dates that the events occurred.

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