What determines my podcast's ranking on the charts?

Each podcast player has its own way of determining charts, and while none have revealed their exact algorithm, we can dive into what we know about them.

Apple Podcasts

From Apple's blog post:

Apple Podcasts Charts reflect the most popular shows and episodes available in a given market and are designed to help people discover what to listen to next. They do not reflect all-time listening records and are not a measure of the largest podcasts by listenership.

While the exact algorithm cannot be shared to protect their integrity, the charts measure a mix of the following:

  • Listening: When listeners are engaging with episodes, it’s an indicator of content popularity.
  • Follows: When listeners follow a show to receive new episodes, it’s an indicator of their intent to listen.
  • Completion Rate: When listeners complete episodes, it’s an indicator of content quality.


Spotify's podcast charts seem directly related to downloads/popularity. Spotify doesn't currently offer episode-level charts.


Every week, we use Chartable's IAB V2-certified measurement of audience size to create the Top 200 and Trending charts across twenty different countries, based on weekly changes in audience among the podcasts using the Trackable feed integration. New charts drop every Wednesday morning. The charts are opt-in, and open to any publisher to join on the Integrations page of their dashboard, free of charge.

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