Why don't I see a chart on my dashboard?

Charts for the major podcast players are very dynamic — they change all the time and use complex algorithms. If you previously charted, there's no guarantee that you'll still chart a month, a week, or even a day later. 

Clicking on "Charts" in the sidebar of your Chartable dashboard will bring up your main Charts page of current rankings.

  • If you no longer see an individual chart — for example, Apple Podcasts: Canada: Leisure — on your dashboard, your podcast is no longer on that chart according to our most recent data. 
  • If you no longer see a section of charts — for example, Spotify charts — on your dashboard, your podcast is no longer on those charts according to our most recent data.

You can see chart history for previous rankings by navigating to the Charts page, clicking on a chart name in blue, and using the dropdowns to navigate to different charts. You'll see the last time that you placed on that chart and any applicable history.

  • Different dashboard plans have different chart history access. If your Chartable dashboard is on a free Indie plan, you'll only be able to see 1 year of chart and review history. Pricing plans can be found here
  • If your chart stops at a certain date (say, 2 days ago or a week ago or a month ago), that's when your podcast stopped appearing on that chart.  

Differences in podcast performance from week to week could be the result of industry trends, episode content, promotions you have run, special guests on your show, the combination of many factors, or seemingly nothing at all. Your best bet is to keep producing a wonderful show and encourage your listeners to get the word out!

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