What are Sales Sheets?

Note: Chartable Sales Sheets is a beta product available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers. For more info on how they work, see our announcement blog post. For information on what other features are available for Pro and Enterprise teams, see our pricing page.

Chartable Sales Sheets is a new tool that makes it easy to share your podcast data to potential advertisers, while still having ownership and control. Navigate to the Sales Sheet page on your dashboard to create a shareable link for your podcast including: 

  • Downloads Per Episode
  • Gender Breakdown
  • Most Active DMAs
  • Consumption
  • Audience Education, Age, & Net Worth

Note that only people with the Sales Sheet link will be able to view it, and it is not scraped by search engines. 

If you want to stop sharing a Sales Sheet, navigate to the Manage tab on the Sales Sheet page. Once you deactivate a Sales Sheet link, your podcast's data will no longer be available through that link.

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