What is Chartable Connect?

Chartable Connect is a searchable database of podcasts and podcast data, making it easy for publishers to find other podcasts to work with for guest spots or podcast-to-podcast promotions.

Podcasts can be filtered by genre, average rating, activity on Chartable, and more. 

Some podcasts have an estimated number of downloads and reach visible, calculated by Chartable's proprietary methodology.

Verified Podcasts

Checkmarks in front of a podcast title indicate that they are verified, or that the publisher uses Chartable and has completed their Connect profile. 

If you would like to be a verified publisher, click on the person icon at the top right corner the page and select "Manage Full Profile." This is also where you can make any adjustments to your Connect settings in the future.

Verified podcasts have the option to have confirmed listenership data visible, based on their Trackable analytics.

Searching for Podcasts

When searching for podcasts, adjusting the "Verified" toggle near the top of the page will display only verified podcasts in your search. Adjusting the "Active" toggle will display only podcasts from publishers that are actively publishing new episodes. When these toggles are off, both verified/active and non verified/active podcasts will be shown. 

The "My Podcasts" toggle works a little bit differently. When it is toggled on, only your podcasts will be visible. When it is toggled off, all other podcasts are visible.


Requesting an Introduction

Clicking on the "Request Intro" button for a show will pop up the window shown below, where you can specify your intent and send an email to the publisher through Chartable. Active and verified podcasts are more likely to respond to communications. 

The logic for where the introduction request is emailed can be found below: 

  • if a podcast is verified, the request will be emailed to the address configured on their Connect profile.
  • if a podcast is not verified, but is integrated with Trackable, the request will be emailed to the Chartable team owner.
  • if none of the above, then the request will be emailed to the address listed on their RSS feed.

The basics of Connect are available for everyone, but teams on Pro or Enterprise plans unlock advanced functionality for publishers. Any feedback on this feature is appreciated at [email protected] :-)

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