How do I create a Sales Sheet?

Chartable Sales Sheets is a beta product available to Pro and Enterprise publishers. For more information on how they work, see our announcement blog post. For information on what other features are available for Pro and Enterprise teams, see our pricing page.

To create a Sales Sheet, first click the "Sales Sheet" button on the side bar under the "Marketing" section.

Then select a podcast from the drop down and hit "Generate Sales Sheet."

You'll then be taken to your newly generated sales sheet where you can copy the link to share it with anyone!

You can also click the delete button on that page to delete the Sales Sheet. Deleting the sales sheet will disable the link as well, so you have control over who sees your sales data.

Please note that your podcast will need to have demographic data before we can generate a sales sheet, otherwise you'll see a warning after pressing the "Generate" button.

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