Baked-in SmartPromo Episode Selection Updates -- April 2022

Starting 4/18, baked-in SmartPromo episodes are now selected by Chartable users to boost accuracy and speed. Here’s how it works:

  • For external baked-in promos, episodes are now selected and approved for attribution by seller teams during SmartPromo approval on the Ad Ops page. For more info on promo approval — How to Approve Sold SmartPromos.
  • For internal baked-in promos, episodes are now selected by teams on the SmartPromos > Manage > Promos page after SmartPromo creation. 

These selections can be made starting on the day after the promo's air date. This works because baked-in attribution can be done retroactively on any episodes that have been released in the previous 60 days, so long that the podcasts involved had the Trackable prefix integrated in the RSS feeds for measurement.

This update will create a faster, more accurate SmartPromo workflow by eliminating automatic episode matching errors due to different episode publish dates, or two episodes being dropped on the same day.

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