How do I upgrade my plan?

Upgrading your dashboard to Enterprise 

In order to upgrade your Publisher team dashboard to Enterprise, please request a consultation at this link

Upgrading your dashboard to Indie or Pro

In order to upgrade your team dashboard to Indie or Pro, your team owner can follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit, and log into your user account 
  2. Click on "Dashboard" near the top of the page
  3. Navigate to the "Team Settings" tab
  4. Click "Billing" in the sidebar
  5. Click "Sign Up" under Indie or Pro
  6. Enter your billing information on the Stripe page that appears, and click "Subscribe"

Free Access to Chartable for Megaphone & Podsights Partners

If you host on Megaphone or use Podsights, you might have free Chartable access via the recently announced bundle. Contact your Megaphone or Podsights representative for more information, as you'll have to update your contract before gaining free Chartable access through the bundle.  

If you're an eligible Megaphone bundle customer, you can follow the instructions linked here to connect your Megaphone organization to your Chartable dashboard & gain free upgraded access.

If you are an eligible Podsights bundle customer, reach out to [email protected] to have your dashboard upgraded.

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