I switched my podcast hosting provider, do I need to reintegrate Trackable?

If you integrated Trackable through SmartFeeds, and you switch podcast hosting providers, you will simply have to change your podcast's RSS feed link on the Integrations>SmartFeeds page. The Trackable prefix will automatically transfer.

If you integrated Trackable through your hosting provider, and you switch hosting providers, you will have to ensure that the prefix is still in your RSS feed and refresh your Trackable status. Please follow the instructions below:  

  1. Ensure your new hosting platform is supported - Which podcast hosting platforms support Trackable?
  2. Ensure your team's Trackable analytics prefix is still integrated into the RSS feed. Follow the steps on the Integrations > Trackable page in your team's Chartable dashboard for your new hosting provider. Or, you can also manually check your podcast's RSS feed by looking for a "chtbl.com" URL in the episode audio file links.
  3. Once you have ensured that your team's Trackable prefix is integrated into the RSS feed, click "Refresh Trackable Status" on the Trackable page and wait 24-48 hours. This prompts Chartable's systems to look for the prefix in your RSS feed. 

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