What's the difference between SmartAds, SmartPromos, SmartLinks, and SmartFeeds?


SmartAds connect podcast downloads to actions on advertiser websites, so publishers and advertisers understand the effectiveness of their ads. Learn more.


SmartPromos help you discover which podcast promotions are boosting your downloads the most, so you can optimize your marketing spend. Learn more.


SmartLinks are shareable, trackable URLs that automatically route listeners to your podcast in their favorite apps—collecting both clicks and downloads. Learn more.


SmartFeeds let you take control of your RSS feed, by making it both durable and portable. This new tool converts a podcast’s current RSS feed into a SmartFeed, which automatically updates with new episodes or changes in the original RSS feed. The SmartFeed provides a permanent RSS feed URL for podcast directories—lowering friction in switching between hosting platforms and giving podcasters one feed URL that they can use forever. SmartFeeds also makes it easy to enable the Trackable analytics prefix, unlocking Chartable’s powerful analytics tools for everyone. Learn more.

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