Art19 Decryption Key for SmartPromos

If a podcast to podcast promo is running on a network using Art19 as a DAI provider, you might see an error similar to the one in the screenshot below for the SmartPromo. If you're seeing this error, the Chartable team that is running the promotion on their network will need to reach out to their Art19 support representative for the Art19 account's decrypt key, and enter it into the SmartPromo Settings page in their Chartable dashboard. 

Art19 encrypts data needed to measure downloads. The decryption key allows our system to "see" the IP addresses of listeners sent from the Art19 pixel, and perform attribution. If the pixel is active, attribution will begin flowing after the key is entered. Multiple keys can be entered for each Chartable team dashboard. 

If you've entered the decryption key and still seeing the error, confirm the code that you've entered into your SmartPromo Settings page exactly matches the code you received from Art19. If there are any typos, extra spaces, or missing characters, the decryption key will not function correctly. 

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