How to use Google Tag Manager Pixels for SmartLinks

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage many events in a single pixel. You can learn more about the service here. The Remarketing Pixel feature for SmartLinks is available for Pro and Enterprise users

Creating and Finding Your Google Tag Manager Pixel ID

1. Sign into Google Tag Manager with a Google account.

2. Click on Create Account.

3. Ensure that you select Web for the platform and click Create.

4. After your account is created, you will find your pixel ID towards the top right of the page. Copy this pixel ID, and not the entire embed code.

Adding Your Google Tag Manager Pixel to SmartLinks

To add a Google Tag Manager pixel to your SmartLink, click the "Add New Remarketing Pixel" button in the Remarketing Pixel section when you're creating or editing a SmartLink. Select "Google Tag Manager," paste the pixel ID, and click "Save."

Google Tag Manager Pixel Events

Here is a list of pixels that integrate with Google Tag Manager. Please refer to their help section with any questions you may have about using Google Tag Manager.

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