How to use TikTok Pixels for SmartLinks

Adding a TikTok pixel to a SmartLink will fire an event when a user clicks on the SmartLink. We send a standard event "Page View." The Remarketing Pixel feature for SmartLinks is available for Pro and Enterprise users

Creating and Finding Your TikTok Pixel ID

1. In TikTok Ads Manager, click Assets > Event.

2. Click Manage under Website Pixel.

3. Here you can see all of your pixels and create new ones. The pixel's ID is needed to create a SmartLinks pixel.

4. To create a new pixel, click Create Pixel, name it, and choose Manually Install Pixel Code. Click Next.

5. Click Developer Mode and then click Create. You do not need to copy the embed code on the next step. You will be redirected to your pixel dashboard, where you will see the new pixel's ID. Copy the ID.

Adding Your TikTok Pixel to SmartLinks

To add a TikTok pixel to your SmartLink, click the "Add New Remarketing Pixel" button in the Remarketing Pixel section when you're creating or editing a SmartLink. Select "TikTok," paste the pixel ID, and click "Save."

TikTok Pixel Events

When someone clicks on a SmartLink, the TikTok pixel is loaded and registers a page view.


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