Why is a Deeplink for a SmartLink getting an "invalid" error?

If you are setting up Deeplinks for a SmartLink and a URL receives the error "We were unable to validate the url you have provided," here are some things to check: 

  • Are you entering the final destination of the URL? If the URL forwards to a different address, it will be rejected by SmartLinks. Please open the URL in your browser to see if the address changes. Use the final URL that appears as your Deeplink. 
  • Does the page have a 404 Error? If the URL doesn't open in your browser, it will be rejected by SmartLinks.
  • Is your podcast mentioned on the URL page specifically? Our system will reject the Deeplink if we do not detect related content.

If you are still experiencing issues after checking these aspects, try managing the URLs from SmartLinks > Settings > Managing Deeplinks. The URLs that are added here for each show will automatically populate under Deeplinks for new SmartLinks.

If all else fails, feel free to email our support team at [email protected] :-)

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