How do I remove a podcast from my account?

To remove a show from your team, visit the Team Settings > Podcasts page and click on the red "Remove" button. Please note that this will remove the podcast's analytic data, and show data can not be transferred to a different dashboard. 


  • If the show still has your team’s Trackable prefix on its RSS feed, you won’t have the option to remove the show (the podcast will have a checkmark under the Trackable Status column, and the "Remove" button will be crossed out). You'll need to remove the Trackable prefix from your show's RSS feed before you can stop tracking the show on your account. 
  • If the show is the last podcast in your account, you won’t have the option to remove the show (the "Remove" button will be crossed out). If you'd like us to delete your account, please email [email protected].

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