Why is Chartable reporting a different click number than other platforms?

It's normal to see differences in click reporting between Chartable and other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

For example, platforms have their own lists of IP addresses to filter that are more than likely stricter than ours given our limited view of a user's journey vs. what a platform like Facebook or LinkedIn has access to.

Another difference between first and third party reporting could be how Chartable measure clicks vs. how a first party would. Are they measuring using a cookie to identify a click? I.g., Facebook knows it was one user between mobile and desktop but Chartable would count that click as 2 clicks instead of one. 

We do our best to exclude clicks that we believe should be excluded from reporting (clicks that originate from IP addresses associated with data centers, clicks from IP addresses that have a unusual amount of activity, etc), but platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have access to additional information about users and user activity that they use to determine which clicks should be included or discarded in reporting.
However, the download metric is something that has established guidelines (we follow the industry standard IAB 2.1 guidelines), so that is something that is worth focusing on. The number of clicks aside, if you see a download associated with a SmartLink, you can be sure that a device clicked on the SmartLink URL and then downloaded at least 60 seconds of an episode.

Note: If clicks between a platform and Chartable differ to an extreme, please email [email protected] with a link to the SmartLink in your dashboard and a little more information about what you're seeing.

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