Why are my Chartable impressions different from the downloads the ad seller showed me?

Chartable impressions will rarely be an exact match to the impressions you're getting back from the hosting provider, generally because we're using different criteria to determine what "counts" as an impression. Chartable uses the IAB's V2.0 guidelines, but even within those guidelines there is some room for interpretation. Further explanation and context on this can be found here.
As a rule of thumb, a discrepancy in the 5-20% range in either direction is fairly normal, and is usually caused by differences in counting, or differences in the timeline (such as differences between Chartable's server time zone vs. the hosting provider's time zone). The more common direction by far is to see fewer Chartable impressions than hosting provider impressions.

For impression discrepancies larger than that, the difference is most often caused by the publisher including numbers that Chartable can't "see", for example:

  • Video views, if the podcast is also released on platforms like YouTube
  • Web streams on Soundcloud or ART19's web players
  • Impressions delivered on Spotify without Spotify passthrough
  • Execution issues affecting our ability to see all impression data, such as:
    • Running a spot as dynamic when the Chartable campaign is built for baked-in or vice-versa
    • Not applying a DAI pixel to all spots

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