Why are my Apple plays so low, or not showing up?

Below are some things to keep in mind when looking at your Apple confirmed play data. For clarity, Chartable always pulls data directly from Apple, but "slices" the data in a different way from Apple, according to our definition of a confirmed play.
  • Chartable's definition of a confirmed play (device plays at least 60 seconds of an episode) is different than Apple's (device plays at least 5 seconds of an episode), so your confirmed play numbers in Chartable may not match what you see in Podcasts Connect. 
  • If you see general differences in performance than you did previously, it is because Apple is now reporting differences in performance to Chartable.
  • According to Apple, "Podcast Analytics begins gathering data as soon as users play content in the Podcasts app (iOS 11 or later), in iTunes 12.7 or later (macOS and Windows), or on HomePod. Apple only displays data from users who agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with providers. All data is aggregated, and no personally identifiable information for any customer is shown.
  • Additional requirements for analytics from Apple are below. 
    • Podcast Analytics date range data begins at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm (UTC). Diagnostics and usage information might be delayed by up to 72 hours.
    • To collect data, the duration of a play event must be at least five seconds.
    • To display data, more than five unique devices must play the show or episode content. 
    • For more information, please visit this Apple support article linked here.

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