Spotify Acquisition: What does this mean for SmartPromos and SmartLinks?

Chartable was acquired by Spotify in February 2022. As part of the acquisition, Chartable will be shifting its focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform! Here's what that means for podcasters and publishers:

Chartable’s publisher products are, and will remain available 

We’ll be continuing to support and invest in our publisher dashboard and tools within the Chartable UI. Chartable clients will continue to have access to products like SmartLinks, SmartPromos, and Audience Demographics. 

In the future, Chartable’s publisher products will be available within Megaphone

We are working on making Chartable’s best publisher marketing tools and insights accessible through the Megaphone platform. For the foreseeable future, though, Chartable publisher tools will remain accessible through the Chartable platform—even as we work to make them accessible through Megaphone. For more information on what integrations between the two platforms are currently available, read here -- How do I use my Megaphone account with Chartable?

As we integrate with Megaphone, we plan to keep our tools accessible to all publishers

We will continue to provide tools and insights to publishers and creators using any hosting platform. Our goal is to keep our publisher insights and tools accessible by as many podcast publishers and creators as possible, even in our Megaphone-integrated future. 

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