Spotify Acquisition: What does this mean for SmartAds?

Chartable was acquired by Spotify in February 2022. As part of the acquisition, Chartable will be shifting its focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform!

What does this mean for SmartAds?

For our advertiser customers, that means that we will soon be deprecating our Brand Impact and SmartAds products and will no longer be supporting advertiser campaigns on the Chartable platform. 

Chartable will continue to accept bookings for new Brand Impact and SmartAds campaigns through April 21, 2022. June 30, 2022 will be the last day that new impressions tagged with Brand Impact or SmartAds are measurable. We will continue to support Brand Impact and SmartAds reporting and attribution through each advertiser’s lookback window. 

What should I do if I want to continue measuring SmartAds campaigns?

If you’re a SmartAds client, you can get started with a new Spotify measurement solution today! 

Spotify also recently announced the acquisition of leading advertising measurement service, Podsights. For advertisers who wish to continue running attribution after June 30, 2022, our recommendation is to onboard onto Podsights. 

If you’re a current Chartable SmartAds or Brand Impact customer, you’ll be hearing from the Chartable and Podsights teams directly. If you’re interested in beginning podcast attribution for driving results to your website or app, you can request a demo with the Podsights team here.

What does this mean for Chartable’s other tools, like SmartPromos and SmartLinks? 

Please note that this update only impacts our products that measure web attribution (SmartAds and Brand Impact), and that all Chartable publisher enterprise products will remain available on the platform. 

Our goal is to further support and grow our publisher tools, which is why we will continue to offer our analytics dashboard, SmartLinks, and SmartPromos. Publishers can expect to access these Chartable publisher tools even as we integrate into Megaphone, no matter where the publisher is hosted.

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