How do I use the YouTube integration?

Chartable offers an integration into Youtube for podcast episode view count tracking. This works by adding YouTube channels to Chartable with their login credentials, then creating a connection between the podcast episode and YouTube video URL.

In order for the integration to function:

  • Your team dashboard must be on an Enterprise plan
  • You can only measure view counts of videos posted by YouTube accounts that are connected to your Chartable dashboard
  • You must have the login credentials to add a YouTube account to your Chartable dashboard
  • The RSS feed of the podcast must be added to your Chartable account on the Team Settings > Podcasts page

Managing YouTube Accounts

To begin, navigate to the Integrations > YouTube page of your dashboard. Click the "Manage" button under YouTube Accounts to add or delete channels using YouTube login credentials. 

You can have multiple YouTube accounts connected at a time. Click the "Connect YouTube Account" to add a new channel, or "Delete" to delete a channel. If you delete a connection, you will lose the view statistics on your dashboard for episodes/videos associated with that channel. 

Managing Episodes

To begin, navigate to the Integrations > YouTube page of your dashboard. Click the "Manage" button under Match Episodes if you want to connect episodes of your podcast to YouTube videos you have posted.

On this page, you can edit current videos matched to podcast episodes, or create new connections. 

To create a connection between a podcast episode in your RSS feed and a YouTube video, click "Connect a YouTube video" and fill out the name of the podcast, episode, and the corresponding video URL. 

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